The ABCs of

A handwriting practice workbook for kids ages 3-6. 30+ practice pages with tons of engaging activities to help your kids build their foundational skills in writing and chess.

Letter Formation

Kids learn the basics of letter formation with this engaging handwriting practice workbook. With 30+ pages of practice and plenty of repetition, your child will soon be writing like a pro!

Engaging Exercises

This workbook offers plenty of engaging exercises. Learning to write and play chess at the same time is fun!

Chess Basics

ABCs of Chess is designed to teach fundamental skills needed to play chess including letter recognition, number identification, writing, fine motor skills, and more.


The ABCs of Chess workbook is a great resource for beginners. The workbook contains many exercises that are designed to not only teach the basics of the game, but also to improve your skills. This workbook is a fun way to learn chess, and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in the game.
My son is turning 4 and we purchased this workbook to teach him how to write. The directions are very clear and he is able to draw the letters and numbers with little help. He loves it. This is a handwriting workbook for kids 3-6 with the letters of the alphabet. It also includes a puzzle to help kids understand the chess pieces and moves. The most helpful part is that it includes the upper and lowercase letters with dotted lines for tracing.
This is a great workbook for kids who are learning the ABCs of chess! The workbook has several different puzzles for kids to solve. The workbook also includes basic information about each chess piece and basic moves!
La Tetra
I think this is a great book for children who are just starting to learn the basics of chess. Well worth the price!

ABCs of Chess is a fun and engaging handwriting workbook for kids 3-6. Written by an avid chess player, the lessons teach kids how to form letters, make words, and form sentences, all while emphasizing the alphabet and basic chess vocabulary. The ABCs of Chess is the perfect way to introduce children to the game of chess!

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